NSW Fair Trading
New Tenant Checklist
The NSW Office of fair trading has published a number of fact sheets to assist prospective renters with their rights and responsible during the renting process. At the start of every tenancy, you should be given a copy of the new tenant checklist by your landlord or agent. Please find a copy of this publication in PDF format below. 
A guide for tenants
Once you have signed the lease, completed the condition report and settled into your new home, we understand that from time to time your circumstances can change and you will need to know what to do and how to handle each situation as it arises during your tenancy at a property.
This publication compiled by NSW Fair Trading contains the facts about common issues that may arise during your tenancy and how you can deal with them. Please click on the PDF below to view this publication.
Tenants can find further and up to date information by visiting the NSW Fair Trading Website.