Property Management

Property Management for your inverstment shouldn’t be complicated, in-fact it should be a simple, easy and stress free process. You should be getting the best from your Property Manager, a person who will take care of your investment as if it were one of their own and who take care of the day to day running of your investment with pride and passion. When was your last property review?

At reuben real estate, we offer you an exceptional property management service, all with one simple all inclusive monthly management fee.

There are no hidden on going property management fees.

× NO Lease Preparation Fees
× NO Annual Taxation Summary Fees
× NO Tribunal Attendance Fees
× NO Inspection Report Fees
× NO Bank Fees
× NO Monthly Statement Fees
× NO Disbursement Fees
× NO Postage Fees
× NO Advertising Fees
× NO Marketing Fees
× NO Signage Fees

Just one all inclusive flat monthly management fee.

Plus, in addition to our property management services, we also offer FREE smoke alarms including installation for all bedrooms in your investment property, for all new exclusive managements of 12 months. Contact our office for further details on this exclusive offer.

In addition to our above exclusive offer, we are offering on all new exclusive property managements of 12 months, 3 months free property management. That’s no property management fees for 3 months! This offer will expire on 30th September 2020. 

If you are wanting to achieve the maximum return on your investment property, please click here and complete the Property Appraisal Form and we will be in contact with you to discuss your property management needs in greater detail and at a convenient time and location to you.

What are you waiting for, phone or email us today.